About us

Who we are and our company philosophy:

Sulzer Spain, located in Madrid, is the new branch of Sulzer GmbH, Germany. The company started in 1978, in Munich, and currently has 900+ employees distributed among its branches located in Europe, USA and India. At Sulzer we work as IT professionals for mostly companies in the automotive industry and we achieve the trust of our customers through the high quality of our services and our high performance. 

We at Sulzer understand our working relationship as that of a large family, basing our day-to-day work on a partnership built on trust, teamwork, communication and enthusiasm for our work. Our goal is the success of all and this can only be achieved if we all feel our day to day in the same way.

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Sulzer España SLU


C/Castelló 106, 1º B
28006 Madrid
E-Mail: info-es@sulzer.de

Tel:    +34 91 149 54 99

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